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We are super excited that The Goldbergs: Back to the 80s, our collaboration with ESG, Lumen, and Sony Pictures Entertainment is now available on IOS and Android! Enjoy!

As a game design consultant, I work with a wide variety of developers on a huge range of projects. I deal with large companies and small, casual games and hardcore, and designers ranging from utter newbies to industry vets. I’ve designed and/or produced more than 50 games hands-on, and helped out on dozens more as a manager or consultant.

A product manager at King recently published this brilliant article about some research they did to help them understand the audience for various game genres better. In essence, they laid out the top 100 grossing mobile games, coded them for genre, and looked at the degree of player overlap between each of them trying to find clusters of crossovers. The analysis yielded some interesting results, like the fact that Candy Crush is pretty much adjacent to everything because it’s so darn popular, and that metagame structure and art/theme may be more important to figuring out audience overlap than mechanic.

When designing effective game monetization systems, game designers must understand and empathize with the real motivations behind players’ purchases. At PGConnects Seattle in June of last year, Dave presented his “CAPS” player motivation hierarchy for game monetization – Cosmetics, Access, Power, and Status.

DeltaDNA recently released an article talking about the changes in payment patterns in free-to-play games. There’s lots of interesting news in there, but one exciting number really stood out to us at Mobile Game Doctor. According to DeltaDNA, over the last 3 years the percentage of paying players in North America has increased by ⅓ (and in Europe by ⅕). This trend is incredibly healthy for mobile game developers as it shows developers are getting better at monetizing a wide base of players and reducing their dependence on whales.


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