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There are a number of factors that must come together to ensure you don’t waste time, money – or worse, generate chaos – integrating a narrative into your game that will attract and retain players, as well as set the game apart from a crowded field in its product category. Thankfully, all of these factors are under your control. In this series of intermittent blog posts on narrative in games, we will cover the processes and personnel decisions that need to come together to lay the groundwork for success in storytelling.

teve Meretzky, one of our “Doctors,” leads off that video with the story of his hand-modified badge proclaiming “make me an offer” as he hit the very first GDC in search of a new gig. In the spirt of this, I was inspired to look back to my first professional year in this industry to which I have dedicated two-thirds of my life. Note that Steve also did a Game On video last year talking about what it was like making video games in the ’80s, for those of you who might be interested in such things.

Dave Rohrl, Juan Gril, and Steve Meretzky continue their long-running series that focuses on the most interesting new games, live ops, and trends from the past year of mobile free-to-play gaming. Always one of the most eagerly-anticipated sessions of the GDC! Would love to beat last years record attendance of 500+

We are super excited that The Goldbergs: Back to the 80s, our collaboration with ESG, Lumen, and Sony Pictures Entertainment is now available on IOS and Android! Enjoy!

As a game design consultant, I work with a wide variety of developers on a huge range of projects. I deal with large companies and small, casual games and hardcore, and designers ranging from utter newbies to industry vets. I’ve designed and/or produced more than 50 games hands-on, and helped out on dozens more as a manager or consultant.


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