It is difficult to overstate the importance of retention to succeeding with a free-to-play game.

After all, if players don’t stick around, they don’t watch ads, they don’t buy currency, and they don’t consume all that lovely, expensive game content. Recently Mobile Game Doctor’s chief-of-surgery, Dave Rohrl, recorded Episode 15 of the “Mastering Retention” series, presented by Userwise.

Key topics discussed are: 

  • How Dave started Mobile Game Doctor 
  • What he looks for when he is hiring? 
  • Split testing 
  • Some of the projects they’ve been working on
  • Growth marketing in the gaming industry
  • What are the right things to do when developing a game from scratch? 
  • What to look for to make sure the game is marketable
  • One tip or trick on how to boost the retention rate.